About Flower Preparation at Walter Knoll Florist

The fact that we have the freshest longest lasting flowers is not an accident.

New flowers arrive every day at Walter Knoll Florist. We purchase from over 100 vendors locally, nationally and internationally. We track the performance of each our vendors and the types of flowers that we are buying from them. We also grow some varieties ourselves.

To achieve a world-class product we control the treatment of our flowers from the grower right from when they are cut, packed, pre-cooled, and shipped. When flowers arrive they are processed in our state of the art center. We treat flowers as a chef would prepare fine foods. We keep them in an aseptic (sterile) environment. Anything that touches our flowers is kept clean and disinfected, including cutting tools, coolers, and buckets. Our coolers are computer controlled so that we can control the temperature to a tenth of a degree and the humidly to 1%. We hydrate with special RO or reverse osmosis water that is so pure it is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. We clean the stems and remove extra foliage by hand with care; we cut flowers with our state of the art underwater cutting system to make sure the stems are free of debris, bacteria and air embolisms. We use the Pokon-Crystalâ„¢ system of hydration, preservation, processing and nutrition imported directly from Holland. Our flowers are in a controlled environment, even when being designed, with special open-air coolers. Our flower processing crew works every morning very early to assure that our designers and you our customers have the best product available.